Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turning 5

When you put it like that, it seems like it flew by in an instant.

He woke up in a good mood Tuesday, asking when his party was going to start. For the millionth time I worked it into his noggin that his party isn't until Saturday, but that doesn't mean good ol' Dad didn't have tricks up his sleeve.

I had to go to the store on my way home the night before, so I picked him up some birthday goodies.

At his boring breakfast, he found two boxes of Transformers Animated Gummies. "Cool! Can I eat them now?!"

I laughed, "No dude, they're for school. You can take these as birthday treats to share with your friends. I've also gotten you a special lunch too."

He ignored the lunch portion of my comment, as he was enamored by the boxes of gummies. He spun them around while she shoveled in a couple bowls of cereal and some orange juice.

Since it was his day and once his cartoons were over (Sid the Science Kid, Transformers Animated, and Jack's Big music show...which is all a cover to get some housework done and feed the girls), I told him he could pick a movie to watch or Mythbusters.

Adam and Jamie won. I fired up the DVR and we watched a couple before lunch.

Which was a Lunchable. The dude went crazy with excitement and gobbled it down...after I separated the cheese hunk into slices with a butter knife.

He loaded his backpack full of gummies, and even though it was cold out, we snuck in a few baskets in the driveway before the bus came.

When he got home I got ready for work, then turned the kitchen into an IHOP. He'd asked for pancakes for dinner, and I was happy to oblige. I turned on the burners five minutes before Pink walked in the door, and as soon as she stepped through she got a hug and a kiss and the game was on.

1 egg, two pancakes and a banana for the dude
1 bran muffin (made earlier in the day), 2 eggs and 3 pancakes for Pink and I

We all gobbled it down and Little Blue told us how one of his friends at school told him Happy Birthday twice and the whole glass sang to him.

"Everyone thought the gummies were awesome Dad!"

I kissed everyone on the cheek and headed into work.

GodDad status maintained. :)

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