Friday, January 2, 2009

Identical Twins, Not Identical Parents

When my wife and I are home on the weekends, I chuckle when she brings the kids down.

I usually tend to get my motor running a little faster, so I delegate myself to prepping the kids' breakfast. My wife on the other hand loves to go see the girls first thing in the morning.

And I can't blame her, when I get them up after she's off to work, I too enjoy the "Oh look, it's Daddy!" overjoyed look.

But when she brings them down, she likes to save herself a trip and bring them both down at the same time. I then collect one, ensure pit stops are done, then start with breakfast and finish of the rest of the day.

Myself? I usually just pick one or the other. I do my best to alternate who's first each day, but sometimes one is having more fun doing laps around the crib or rocking up a storm.

When I pick up one, the other usually starts a little cry of protest. "[Insert name of daughter here], we're just going down to have a pit stop and I'll be right back up to come get you so you can have one and then we'll sit down to breakfast."

Surprisingly, the first time I said this, they kept quiet, and it's usually the same ever since.

I do make sure to leave the room light on and the door open, so they know to expect me to return.

Plus, once I start saying their name as I ascend the stairs, the giggles I get in reply are one of the best reasons to get up in the morning.

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I love it.... I talk to the kids like that all the time and I am still amazed when it works!

Happy New Year!


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