Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slow Cooker, I love Thee

Cooking takes effort, and since I make at least 3 meals at home a week anymore, I find it hard to keep Little Blue entertained and have slivers of hope that my girls will stay asleep at least until 5pm so I don't have to keep an eye on them too.

Granted, I can put them in their saucers so they're not mobile, but when they're crawling and slowly learning to pull themselves up (we give them a week to get off their knees and they're standing), I hate to put them in their saucers for any length of time unless I have too.

So, about two weeks ago, Pink cooks some fish soup in the crock pot. It hits me like a slap in the face, why in the hell haven't I been using this thing!

So, I add to my checkout list from the library (which already contained 3 and 5 ingredient cookbooks), slow cooker cookbooks as well. I get some note cards together and am proceeding to write down recipes, my guess is I'm at the 50 or so mark now.

It all hasn't been successes mind you. Tonight the rice in the chicken curry was mush, even though the flavor was good.

But it's fire and forget cooking. Slap them all in there, let it cook for hours and stir it when you pass through the kitchen.

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Thanks for checking out the blog. Yours is comming along nicly...

Here is my favorite crockpot recipe. Just put all the stuff in, in the morning, stir it up a few times a dinner it'll be fu#@ing awsome. Its just chilli

1 pound of ground beef,turkey, or chicken....cooked up the way you like it with your favorite seasonings

two cans of beans- preferabley ones that are in chili sauce, one of them should be black beans, unless you dont like black beans

two cans of chopped up tomatoes- again get some that have some other stuff in there like garlic or peppers

1 can of seet corn- drain first, the water in there is nasty

and one packet of chilli mix- the ones in the packet isle of the store that cost like a buck (i know that you might think that this is cheating, but trust me, all your buddies will think this is the best chilli they have ever had...just tell them its totally homemade, which it is, you made it at home

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