Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sippy Cup Central

With the girly girls hitting a year yesterday, I'm going to be making a more stern effort in sippy cup training. They'll still down formula from a bottle till the 1 year checkup next week.

Still, this morning went well. They chowed down their 4oz of rice cereal made with formula off the spoon, then I put their 4oz of applejuice/water in the sippy up and prepared for a visit to screaminingville.

It always goes so much better when you know it's coming.

Both girls did fine however, and were quick to figure out what was going on. They'd take a couple draws, swallow, then fuss because it wasn't on demand.

I held it in front of them while they screamed at me, and as soon as they nudged their hands in the general direction of the cup, I let them grab on and helped guide it to their mouth.

Repeat x20…then x2 for both girls. J

Only issue was when Purple was quick-like-ninja and grabbed it right out of my hands. Her aim isn't perfect and she slammed it on her upper lip, so there was about 1 minute of chaos. I apologized for letting go, then kept a vice grip hold on the cup so it wouldn't happen again.

All right, time to head to lilypie and get the girls a new bar to count down for birthday number two.

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