Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sopranos and Hanna Montana

Chalk this up for doing routine tasks that require little brain power at work.

I'd finished the first half of the last season of the Sopranos last week and checked online and saw I was number 3 on the list for the second half at the library. No biggie, it's free, though I was bummed I was going to have to wait a little bit on it.

Turns out as I sat down at the processing station tonight at work, it was sitting in a tub, right on top. I grabbed it, scanned it, then did the happy dance as I saw it was mine.

I put the case on the receipt scanner, then grabbed the next item, a Hanna Montana DVD, and I paused.

I know that the Sopranos is the last "adult" show I'm going to be watching while my girls are doing tummy time. They're already picking new sounds every day, and the last thing that I want them to do is to start quoting Paulie or something. But seeing that Hanna Montana DVD was like looking into the future.

Am I going to be that Dad? The Dad that knows all the Disney Musicals and movies and is happy to escort his little darlings to the movies to watch stuff like that? The testosterone filled man that can change rear end gears AND whip out all the names of the Disney Princesses? With the dude it was all dinosaurs, cars, legos, and currently paper airplanes. With the ladies, it'll totally be something else, and with a little luck, I won't even know the transition, it'll be seamless, transparent, and acceptable to my ladies.

I scanned it, cracked a joke about placing quarter bets if the patron who requested Hanna Montana would come in (we know he's an addict and love him for it), and moved on.

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Good fathers keep their daughters away from Hannah Montana! Maybe they will be into dinosaurs, cars, paper airplanes, and other non-gender-specific entertainment. When I was a tyke (lo these many eons ago) I used the same blanket... tied around my waist as a princess dress OR as a roof for my spaceship built out of two chairs and a box. Something that makes them use their imagination is always better than prepackaged Disney crap.

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