Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not this crude matter...

I'm a firm believer in energy, that it does flow through us. What is actually is or what you call it is up to interpretation, call it what you will, each has or own definition of it.

Plants take energy from the soil, and through some kinky interaction with some insects, pollination, water, and sunlight, they turn that energy into growth and they go about their daily business. What doesn't get consumed by animals, insects, and us being human returns back to earth so that it can become energy again for plants of the next generation.

What does get consumed, well, is energy passing on from one entity to another. All the work that the plants did gives us carbon based life forms energy to go about our daily business. If an insect gets consumed by an animal, that energy is passed on so that animal can live another day. That animal can then eventually arrive at my dinner table, with a side of plant, and I to consume that energy so I can continue on to do the DaddyMan thing. Eventually, I too will cease to function, and what energy I have will return deep into the earth in some form or fashion, and over time, and no matter how thick the box, the earth will have it's way with me and my energy will return back to the earth so it can have it's way with me.

Like it or not, I, like all of us, are from the earth, and as good buddy Carl would agree, we're all stardust.

But that doesn't mean I don't miss my kitty.

Immortality isn't measured in years, it's measures in memories.

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