Monday, August 25, 2008

Worst Night in a Long Time

The girls had me earning my At Home Dad paycheck last night, but my wife wouldn't let me earn it. :)

Little Blue woke up with a stuffed up nose Saturday night, which we just attributed to allergies. He came knocking about 10:30pm. "Daddy!!!!! My noses is blockandican'tbreathebecauseit'sblocked!!!" I got him some toilet paper to blow his nose with, and told him if it happened again, not to freak out, just to get out of bed and blow his nose again.

Sunday night it was the girls turn, though I only know this Monday morning on my second cup of coffee.

Pink and I headed up to bed around 11:30pm (well, I was ready at 11:10, but she had to finish a side quest in Morrowind). At 12:38am the crying began, or we were made aware of it. Pink nudged me and I got up to make sure whomever was awake that their limbs were inside the crib and they had a tag to nuzzle.

(They've both picked up the affinity of tags that Little Blue had as a tyke. Purple more than Teal, but they both love the texture. It helps sooth them.)

Purple was crying a fit, so I gave her the necessities, and promptly left the room. I went back to bed, making sure I was laying uncomfortably and kept a timer for 10 minutes. If she didn't go back to sleep by then, I'd go get her and sooth her in the living room, away from the baby monitor's so Pink could get some sleep.

10 minutes came and went, so I grabbed her, turned on the TV to keep myself awake, and started doing everything I could to get her calmed down. Pink came down 3 minutes later, suggesting I make a bottle because they both didn't have anything to drink with dinner.

She headed into make it, but found a huge bug on the floor of the kitchen. She turned into the soother, I turned into the great hunter, then the provider, and in a couple minutes Purple was sucking down a bottle like she hadn't eaten in a week.

I found some Samurai Jack on the DVR and we watched it, and when it was over, we headed back up to bed.

Apparently Purple told Teal what happened, so 3 minutes later it was her turn. Knowing what needed to be done, I got up, made the bottle and got Teal fed. No Jack this time though, I was hoping to make this one short and sweet.

It was, till Teal now woke up Purple again.

*deep sigh*

It wasn't a full onslaught cry through, you could hear the sleepy in it. I resigned myself to my fate, then went into our bedroom and turned off the baby monitor so Pink could sleep, then came down into the living room and listened to the girls hopefully put themselves to bed.

Right at the 10 minute limit, Pink poked her head down from the top of the stairs.

"I can't sleep."

"I turned the monitor off so you could sleep."

"I know, but I hear my babies crying and I'm sad. Can I come snuggle you?"

So then we're snuggling to another episode of Samurai Jack. We had to sit up or something, and she gave me a puppy dog look.

I gave her a brief lecture of "tell me if you want something, just don't give me a look. I'll go get your daughter if you want me to, just tell me."

"Yes DaddyMan, please go get Purple."

So they snuggled while we found bad television for a little bit, and finally got back to bed at 3am.

So Pink and I are running on empty today. :) Love is grand.

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I hear you... when they come a cryin we come a sighn:) Snotty nose season is just around the corner. Oh what fun:)

Keep the faith,


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