Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back To School and new Routines.

Ah, tis the season for listening to the diesel bus as it comes down the street to pick up The Dude.

School started Friday, but we rustled up the girls and took him in for his first day, then I got the girls together again and picked him up from school. Now, we shoot baskets waiting for the bus in the afternoon while the girls are napping.

Little Blue loves going back to school, and we were glad to find out 5 of his classmates were returning. Pink and I chuckled his first day when we walked him into class...he immediately went over to hang up his backpack, was a little confused when he didn't see his name on a hook (they hadn't gotten them up yet), then headed right on over to the circle and sat on his spot he had last year.

Yeah, he was ready. :)

So it's adjusting to the new routine week, and we're doing all right. Here's the crazy DaddyMan schedule for those who're curious how I remain sane.

6am: Pink and I wake up and get ready for the day
6:50ish: The three of us sit down for breakfast
7: Pink heads to work, I start getting breakfast for the girls ready, Little Blue watches Meteor and his Monster Truck friends and The Magic School Bus.
7-8am: The girls down 4oz of cereal and 3oz of water/apple juice
8am: We all watch some Transformers Animated (I'm a kid too!)
8:30am: Olympics or some sort of educational TV while the girls let their food settle in the saucers. I'm impressed that Little Blue is learning the names of several countries by their flags.
9:30/10am: Girls go down for their nap. The Dude and I head into the basement for some play time.
11:30: Lunch and getting ready for school
12:10: Little Blue and I head out and shoot baskets
12:15: Bus arrives and takes him to school
12:16: Girls get up from their nap, have a pit stop, then head down for tummy time
1:15: Girls get an 8oz bottle of formula.
1:45: Ladies are back down for a nap.
1:45-3:30pm: Dad relaxes in a zen state, usually by taking care of the trash, dishes, laundry, and watching a movie...or just napping.
3:30: I head outside and wait for the bus to drop LB off from school.
3:30-4: Little Blue debriefs from school, usually by me asking several questions to get the information I need. And we unload the backpack to see any goodies he's got (daily sheets, parent information, this week it was yearbook and t-shirt order forms)
M-W 4pm: I start cooking dinner. It'll be on the table at 5 so we can all eat when Pink comes home from work. I leave at 5:30pm for work.
TH 4pm: I'll get dinner for the dude and myself ready. I'll kiss Pink and head for work at 5pm.
F 4pm: I might cook dinner, we might go out, or I might wait for Pink to come home and I'll go grab some carry out. Usually we do Papa Murphy Fridays though because we're a sucker for pizza.

Pretty boring huh?

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