Monday, August 4, 2008

Fighting an Addiction.

So for the past 3 weeks or so, Little Blue and I have been working with Samus Aran and beating Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii. We'd wait till the girls were down for their naps and fire it up, learning about the universe and fighting off Space Pirates and Metroids.

And to defend myself from the how could you crowd, my son now knows...

  • What X-ray machines are. We had a visor that let us use x-rays to see certain things, including the bones within Samus' arms and legs.
  • Reiterating the try, try, try again approach. At one point it took me an hour to figure out how to beat a boss, and we'd spend time discussing what we learned every time and how to do it better. After that hour we turned it off for the rest of the day.
  • What scanning is, as in scanning the environment. Another visor fed us information about the culture and what could be done in the environment. By scanning our environment, we could see what or how something could be done. We now "scan" for items that we forgot to put away.
I think we finished it Thursday, so Friday was a no video game day. Monday rolls around, and the dude asks if I want to play Transformers the video game for the bazillionth time (not to mention my 3rd play though and it would be his 2nd).

"No bud, I don't. I've still got to put away the Costco groceries from yesterday."

He offers a mean, impatient toddler sigh.

"Is there a problem, Little Blue?"


Quietly, "I don't want to play Metroid Prime."

"But you DO!"

"I don't."

"Well...well...THAT'S NOT BRILLIANT!"

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