Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Usual Routine

Pink and I usually have this down to a science, but it mostly depends if we want to sneak in a couple extra minutes of sleep in the morning. At Home Dad hard at work. :)

5:45am - Alarm goes off and I'm up in the shower.

6:00am - Toss a load of laundry in, pull a load of laundry out.

6:10am - Empty dishwasher. Curse if I forgot to start it last night and start it up. Nuke the oatmeal. Wash up any bottles and hand washed items

6:20-6:45am - eat oatmeal, watch the news and fold laundry

6:45am - Little Blue's Mater Alarm Clock (from Pixar's Cars) lets him know it's either time to get up, or mostly likely, that he can come out of his room. If he wakes up early, we usually let him play till the alarm goes off. Pink is also usually ready for work by now.

6:50am - Pink and Little Blue enjoy breakfast. I get the laundry on the bed of the room it belongs. I gab with them as I make sure I've got a bottle ready and burp cloths armed.

7am - Pink is off to work, Little Blue dashes off to get dressed, and I grab the baby that's the most awake. It's different day to day, but it also determines who eats first for the rest of the day.

7:15ish - I flip the TV off of news over to some Bigfoot Cartoons and Bindi the Jungle Girl for Little Blue to enjoy while I'm feeding the babies. Some days we don't watch any TV because it takes him so long to get dressed. How much cartoons he gets to watch in the morning is directly related to how fast he gets ready for the day.

7:-7:45am - Both girls get pitstops and being fed.

8am - Wait for the preschool bus if it's a school day.

8-11am - Otherwise Little Blue and I figure out what to do with the day. Today, we're watching a movie in the morning and we're going to get the second crib ready this afternoon while I grab it over lunch.

9-11ish - Girls take a nap.

11am - Pink might come home for lunch, or Little Blue and I start pondering lunch.

11:40am - Little Blue's bus drops him off from preschool

Noon - Lunch for Little Blue and I. Usually some form of a lunchable with cut up slices of bologna, a few cheetoes, applesauce, and water/milk. That's the staple, but sometimes we do noodles, mac 'n cheese, pizza, pb n j, or who knows what else. Well, rather, that's what he eats. I tend to finish up the leftovers when available.

1pm - Girls eat 2 oz of rice cereal and 4 oz of formula. Usually one of them screams their heads off, but lately they've been nice to me and we can both get them fed in 40 minutes or so. While I'm feeding the girls, Little Blue watches Animal Planet's Most Extreme. (aka the animal counting show)

2pm - nap time for everyone, and occasionally DaddyMan. Yesterday, I watched Resident Evil Extinction. I also might run the vaccum or keep the cycle of laundry going. If there's anything major that needs to be cleaned up, I tackle it now.

4pmish - Everyone usually starts to wake up. If Little Blue wakes up early, he can play in his room.

4:30pm - I start getting ready for work and get Little Blue his dinner.

4:45-50 - Pink comes home and we share events about our day

5pm - I head to work

5:30pm - I start my shift at the 'bary and check out books to you. Pink has some dinner and feeds the girls a full meal of rice cereal and the vegetable of the week.

9:15pm - I call home and see if there's anything I need to grab on the way home.

9:30-45pm - I'm home and we're relaxing.

11pm - Feed the girls their last botle of the night.

11:30pm. Bedtime.

Rinse and repeat. :)

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