Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Must Have Been the Grand Theft Auto

Saturday was declared Crib Day in the Pamphlet household. We all ganged up and worked on getting the crib together. Little Blue helped move stuff about, Pink put together the mobiles, and I did the sheets, bumpers, and other manly stuff.

We've just have one crib for the moment, thinking that the girls would be able to share it for a month or two before upgrading. First night was perfect, well, except for the video monitor, hard to place it high enough to peek on the girls.

Teal didn't want to sleep in it last night, so I stayed up with her for an hour and a half watching a DVR'd episode of House. Then she settled down and stayed settled.

Maggie wanted to wake up early, so I grabbed her and got the morning started.

Two hours after feeding, I put them down for a nap. They both seemed to be okay with it, fussed for about 2 minutes then slept.

An hour later, they fussed for 10 minutes, so I headed up. Purple was smacking Teal in the face and had stolen her sister's blanket. Battle Royale indeed.

I had been playing Grand Theft Auto 3 for about two weeks (beat it 100% 30 minutes before Little Blue's last day of school was out). Must have been an influence. Yeah, GTA and babies don't mix.

They're both back down in their bouncers sleeping as I suffer through a movie of the Land Before Time XXXXXXXX. (For those of you that don't know, ever since the cute movie that eclipsed at the end of my age brackets youth, they're up to at least the 11th rendition of the movie. This one is on Tinyasauruses.

Thankfully we've got a line on a crib already, and we're going to tackle some brownies this afternoon. :) We're good.

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