Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Purple 1 - Bouncer 0

I have to chuckle. Baby Purple, our hardcore rocker, broke her bouncer Sunday. Little Blue and I had to head out and get another one. She would lean forward, then slam backwards.

Eventually the weak point (right where the back and seat meet and there's a reclining position) broke and wouldn't let her sit up. Thankfully we caught it before she did any more headbanging.

I give you the name and model number if I thought it was a fault on behalf of the manufaturer, but I think it's more of a result of Purple enjoy flinging back over and over and over again and the plastic eventually gave way. They're meant for gentle bouncing, not Metallica scale headbanging.

So we got a swing out that was gifted to us, and she swung herself so much I thought she was going to be sick. I know I would have.

Little Blue and I made a run out to get another bouncer (similar to the one Little Blue used, which survived him, Cousin K, and now Baby Teal is using it) and some toddler socks (his were getting too tight and rather than tell him to suck up and deal, I just bought a bigger size).

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