Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've NEVER seen the Cap'n Redder

More on that later though.

Cap'n and Yuki invited the Pamphlet Clan over for a visit to see LG. Poor guy already has bedhead he's got so much black hair. It amazing that my daughters are close to double his weight, but he's MUCH less wiggly. Pink got to hold him for a while, and I took my turn as everyone finished up some Zarda BBQ (the jerk Cap'n thought he was making lasagna when he came over and fed us when we had the girls), and he only fussed for a split second when he had a baby nightmare.

Pink and I equate those to "OMG this one day I was all warm and snuggled, then I moved into this cold place and there were big people everywhere! I cried until I got warm again."

So with three babies floating around the living room (not literally, though that would be impressive), we all got a chance to hold everyone's younglings.

Back to Cap'n red.

Little Blue, The Cap'n, and Yuki were enjoying BBQ at the table, and Yuki was enjoying Little Blue's laughter at her jokes. Somehow the conversation got to wrestling.

"Little Blue, do you like to wrestle?"

"Yeah, sometimes."

"Do you and your Dad wrestle a lot?"

"Yeah, but not since he had surgery on his penis."

Yuki broke into a controlled chuckle, Pink's jaw dropped, and the Cap'ns face was as red as a sweedish fish.

I busted open with a laugh. Parents, remember this, your children will remember everything you tell them and regurgitate it when you least expect it. We'd told Little Blue for about 5 days to take it easy with me, and we were honest and told him I had surgery.

A Father Never Forgets. Neither Does His Son.

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