Friday, January 4, 2008


I don't know what it is with our Doctor's but they're not boring and stuffy. Pink's OBGYN regularly came to us with cool websites and you tube videos to take in while we were visiting during the twins incubation time.

And yesterday, I had a 20 minute conversation about how fun the Wii is going to be with my urologist.

Pink and I had discussed during the middle of her pregnancy, since we were getting the buy one get one free deal, that we were done. We also knew since she had several blood clotting genetic issues that we wanted her opened up as little as possible during the c-section.

So, that left me stepping up to the plate. The procedure is safer, quicker, and I knew I'd be getting pampered a little bit, so I really didn't mind. Plus there's the whole "macho" thing I was never into much.

I'd gone in a couple weeks ago after a referral from my primary doc, and you could tell the Urologist had given the "so this is what having a vasectomy really means" speech. We also laughed because another government office in Olathe was having a change in medical insurance and a ton of police and firefighters were coming in to have the procedure done in droves.

We schedule the appointment for the 3rd of January. "Now, you won't be sterile right away, it'll take two to three months for your system to clear out. If your wife gets pregnant in those two to three months, your first call is not the lawyer, but me. We'll do a test. At the 2-3 month mark, we'll do a test anyway just to make sure. After the test and you're sterile...AND your wife gets pregnant, THEN call a lawyer."

On my way in for the actual procedure, I had to have Pink sign a form for consent. We surmised that it was legal paperwork so that the office wouldn't be liable for a hubby that got neutered without telling his wife about it.

I headed in yesterday and the procedure is simple. Guys, if you want information on it, let me know and I'll fess up, but I was in the waiting room longer than it took to do the procedure. It's done solo with just the doc, and he gives you the prescription for pain killers and antibiotic at the first appointment. You can even drive yourself home.

And in my case we talked about the Wii. How hard it was to get one before Christmas, how he saw 30 between Target and Best Buy on the 2nd, and that his wife beat him at bowling...and he confessed he whacked his dog in the face while playing tennis.

And Cap'n, I put in a plug for the guitar hero tourney, even though it had passed already. He was impressed.

Recovery isn't so bad. I played soccer as a tyke for 7 years, so I've been whacked in the nuts more than once. It feels like a dull ache with a couple of sharp pains when I move around too much. Your supposed to be stationary as much as possible, not lift over 20 pounds, and put an ice pack on the two guys to keep the swelling down.

I'm supposed to stay stationary, so when I got back home, I parked in the recliner, asked my wife for an ice pack, then called my Dad back and left a message to call "Mr. Frozen Nuts" back.

Pink pampered me as I was isolated from moving in the chair, and every once and a while I kept my hand on the ice pack and startled Little Blue when I touched his cheek or hand with an ice cold touch. Pink did all the dinner and bottle prep, and I fed Baby Purple after Pink did all the diaper changing. Soon after we headed to bed, and I slept good. :)

Pink felt bad for leaving me on my own today, but it hasn't been so bad. I change both girls and get the bottles ready before I sit down and feed rather than doing it one at a time, and Little Blue has been a decent help (fyi, the terrible 2s come at 4). Outside of that, I'm camped out here on the couch, resting and rocking the chitlens with my feet. Thankfully they haven't needed their pacifiers every five minutes, so they're being nice to me too. And, Pink said she'd pamper me some more when she gets home, and she's anxious to come home cause it's Friday.

I should be golden tomorrow, with a 100% recovery by Sunday.

As a bonus, I headed in for one evening of work Wednesday night, then I'm off till Monday. Then the real routine will start, Preschool, Stay at Home Dad, and part time circ work at the 'brary.

Bring it!

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Doesn't sound too bad. Kind of funny about the droves of policemen :D

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