Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If you don't think random people remember you...

While I was working last night, I was checking out a book for InterLibrary Loan to a patron and..

"Say, DaddyMan, I've noticed you've been here for about a month or two now. You seem to have picked up the system very well."

Inside, I chuckle. "Well sir, to be honest, before I worked here in circulation, I wrote the manual for how the system actually runs."

Mr. Patron replies, jokingly, "So YOU'RE the guy I need to talk too!" We both laughed.

I got his book checked out to him and told him to have a good evening.

Goes to show that 2,000 people may come into the building, I might see only 100 or 200 during my shift, but they see and remember you.

Both the good...and the bad.

For example, I also remember a woman barking at her son, literally telling him to "Sit...Kevin Sit." Just like a dog.

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