Monday, January 7, 2008

Live Blogging....a Tantrum

Little Blue comes back from his first day of school, all smiles, "We made cookies Daddy!"

I told him, per the occasional situation, that the girls needed to eat immedieatly, so we could watch a movie while they eat, then eat some lunch.

The girls finished as a collection of Merry Melodies finishes up. I told him this morning that we were going to have sandwiches for lunch, and if he wanted, he could pick which ones.

"But I don't know which one!"

"We can have bologna, or peanut butter and jelly, with your choice of three jellies, grape, strawberry, or apricot."

*silence for two minutes while I was baby bottles*

"What sandwich would you like?"

"I don't know!"

"You need to pick, or I'm going to pick for you." I've gone beyond having a shouting match, I'm just going to be calm through this whole ordeal.

"I don't want a sandwich, I want a lunchable!"


"No!" *massive whining and squealing*

"What sandwich?"

"But Daddy!!!!"


"My chair is uncomfortable!"


He fusses and whines in the living room on the couch. I make him a PB&J with the last of his favorite jelly (grape) and I make mine with apricot. He also gets a bowl of apple sauce and a graham cracker.

He willingly sits in the uncomfortable chair, then starts bawling about how uncomfortable it is. (Course, he's just now complaining after roughly 2 years)

I sit next to my teary eyed son, crying about his chair and how he doesn't want to eat his sandwich. I then come over the computer, and share with Pink over IM:

Blue: Ah, being yelled at for an uncomfortable seat.
Pink: long lunch, eh?
P: how was school? was he good?? anything on his daily report?
B: We were going to talk about it over his lunch. Now he's sitting there until he eats is lunch or you come home, whichever comes first.
B: He was in a good mood, and he said they made cookies at school.
P: hopefully that's a good sign that he behaved himself
B: I think it is. He was behaved while we watched some TV while the girls were eating, and I made our sandwiches at the same time. I ate mine, slowly, while being yelled at.
P: let's take apart his chair after you get home tonight. I don't condone his yelling at you, but it does look pretty uncomfortable the way his legs dangle off the booster
P: surely the flat regular chair bottom will be at least a slight improvement, even if it's not padded
B: Yeah, but I think he'll be too low.
B: I'll go give it a try now. brb.
P: don't let him sit on the food mess though
B: I cleaned it off.
P: good. how'd it work?

I now start quoting my sone in IM

LB: "I don't feel very good about eating this sandwich."
B: "You shouldn't feel very good about yelling at me, that's what you shouldn't feel good about."
LB: "But they're not tasty."

P: being here in the comfort of my office, I get to laugh at those statements *evil grin*

B: "I told you to tell me what type of sandwich you wanted and you chose not to tell me, so I fixed you one. It is your fault you didn't tell me what type of tasty sandwich you wanted."
LB: "I think you should set the timer on the microwave."
B: "No, the timer is when Mom comes home."

P: he said that?! rofl
B: And yes, we did get up and go potty. (the only time he gets out of timeout is to go to the bathroom, with one of us hovering near the door)

P: he wanted you to set the timer until you would make him eat?
B: I think so.
P: wow. that's funny. and weird.
B: Now he's complaining that the baby's breathing is too loud.
P: is he eating yet?
B: His head is on the table.
P: I don't let him put his head on the table. it gets hair on the table where our food goes.
B: He picked it back up.
P: good.
B: He's eating.

After 20 minutes of just sitting there, and threatening to be left at the time till Pink got home (3 hours, though I'm sure he's not too intune with the concept of time yet), he finished.

He apologized for yelling at me, blew the babies kisses, and headed up for his nap.

I double checked to see if he wanted bologna sandwiches for dinner. Hopefully you won't hear any more on that. :)

On a techie note, Pink and I are going to get a memory stick for the camcorder, so rather than blogging about it, you actually might get to hear and see it. Oh, and cute videos of the Twins too.

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