Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jak and Dexter

Little Blue, Pink, and I finished it up this weekend. Wasn't too bad of a game, and did it with 100 percent completion. Little Blue was instrumental in that, he's got a quick eye to help me find chests and floating precursor orbs (okay, we called them eggs, but they're the same thing). He even witnessed me taking about 20 minutes to kill a boss.

"Daddy, why do you keep falling in the lava?"

"Well dude, I've got to jump from platform to platform while dodging rocks. If I get hit by a rock I'm in the lava."

"Why don't you give up?"

"Because, I want to get past this part and continue the game. If I give up now, we'll never see the rest."

"But you keep getting dead."

"I know, but every time I do, I learn something new and get a little closer to beating the rock monster. Never give up!"

"You can do it!"

The bummer is we've got Jak II and III, but I don't think he can watch me play those because they're a little to dark for toddlerese. We'll have to work on something else till the wii shows up. Then he'll probably spank me at bowling or baseball.

For more gaming nerdage, here's an article on 30 defining gaming moments. I don't agree with all of them, but some of them brought back deathmatch on Doom in Business Computer Software (aka Microsoft Office) while at good ol' Shawnee Mission West. :)

No gaming tonight though, unless Pink and I play (still working on Kingdom Hearts 2). Preschool fires up tomorrow, so we've got to fold and put some laundry away, have a bath, and enjoy some of Pink's delicious spaghetti.

Yes, you should be jealous. :P

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