Saturday, January 5, 2008

6 Hours!

Yeah, that's right, six hours of sleep. Uninterrupted sleep! Hell yes.

The girls were due to eat at 11pm, and right around 11:10, they were ready. I'm still not mobile, so Pink got up and did pit stops and made the bottles. I fed Purple and she did pretty good and Teal tried to suck the nipple out of the bottle she was so hungry.

Afterwards, we took them upstairs and swaddled them on the bed before laying them in the bassinet. We swaddle them very snug because that's how they spend the first portion of their lives...warm, snug, and little to no room to move.

In fact, as a parent...and a's fun to watch the kids "freak out." Imagine spending 9 months in a sleeping bag. Then suddenly, when you sleep, you're in a bed. Every time your arms reach out and don't feel the sleeping bag, you go into a spasm because it's supposed to be there. That's what happens with the girls. When they stretch, they kinda spasm when they're arms don't bump against Mom's warm tummy that was home for months.

So, when we put them down for the night, they're swaddled snug, each in their own bassinet, and covered with a flannel blanket. They're also propped on a pillow to help keep the formula down. Cousin K also got the girls a stuffed bear that makes ocean noises, which Pink reminds her of California.

We were down by midnight, and got woken up by Jonathan a little after 6pm. Tis bliss!

Speaking of which, Mr. "I Don't Want to Eat It" is learning what hunger is. He's had an attitude about what he wants to eat, or when he says what he'd like to eat, he has two bites and calls it good. (i.e. He had the same sandwich for lunch, dinner, and lunch the next day).

Ah...I love every minute of it.

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