Friday, June 26, 2009

*In Orcish Grunt* Jobs Done!

Wake up early and go get gas in the van for the Mrs....check.
Pick up donuts on the way...check
Finish loading the dishwasher and get it going...check.
Get the kids fed...with a nibble of donuts...check.
Get a kiss for bringing the Mrs an apple fritter...check.
Put away a high chair that hasn't been used in over 6 months...check.
Throw away a vacuum that hasn't been used in 4 years...check.
Clean out the filters of the current vaccum...check.
Repair a transformer...check.
Coffee...*consumes mass quantities*

Now it's time to play with the kids. Or referee, depending on their temprement today. :)

2 highly regarded thoughts:

I hear you!!! Was the "transformer" a toy or the electrical kind:)

You da man!


Ugg, it was Jetfire from the new animated cartoon. The dude and I had a conversation on how joints work after the second repair job.

Daddyman fears electricity. I'll crawl under a car anyday, but I fear anything involving electrical repair.

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