Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Been A LONG Time

Let's see, it's been close to a month from my last post. Since then

  • My wife was in and out of the hospital three times for close to two weeks
  • Got to call 911 on one occasion
  • My son got to flag down the Fire Truck
  • My son tried to watch Transformers as 8+ emergency staff were in my living room taking care of my wife. He has excellent 'bob and weave' technique
  • My MIL was in town for two weeks to help take care of the wife and kids
  • I spent most of the hospital weeks with my wife, sleeping there all but 3 times
  • Changed a tire in the hospital parking lot
  • Got new tires for the van
  • Paid my Dad off with a case of Monster energy drink from Costco as thanks for being on call and watching the kids while I with my wife (he a closet addict)
  • Missed roughly 10 hours of work (part time work helps out here)
  • My son lost his first tooth
  • I quickly learned the way of the ninja with the previous bullet point
  • My daughters start saying coherent words and phrases
  • I realize I don't like how flirtatious Purple says "Hi"
  • I still continue to think and dwell too much
So it's been around here, and I'm just now getting back into the routine of things.

And then my brother had to buy me World of Warcraft as a gift.

So I had to get it for my wife.

And we laughed at the 2.7 gig update.

Now I need to go find my rabbit ears. That's right around the corner.

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