Monday, April 6, 2009

Computer Nerdage is Good Hobby to Have

So, my brother gets me World of Warcraft with his tax refund.  He's been wanting to get me on it for years, but I didn't have a computer beefy enough.

Just before the twins were born, I bought a video card so I could be more up to date.  So the PC was good, but the time to play didn't exist.  I told him no, no no.  Sleep is more important than video games.  But the seed was there and he knew I could run it.

So once he got it for me, and because I love my wife and want to see her, I bought it for her.  As we were installing it, she didn't have enough RAM on her computer to make it go.

So this weekend I cracked open both cases, did the math, and bought her a gig of ram.  I kept it in the car on Sunday while I was working so she didn't have a chance to get ahead of me too much.  We ate dinner, watched a couple Star Wars Clone Wars episodes with the kids I installed it and got through more updates than I'd care to download, but we worked together and got our characters going.

All work and no play can make parents dull parents.

So we've got characters we use when we're together, and we're going to make characters we can play when we're solo.

But first...I'm going to go tackle the shower.  *grabs an old toothbrush and goes to town*


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I have been fighting the urge to get back into World of Warcraft. I played it years ago. GREAT game! I just need to find "play" that is constructive:)

Have fun,


That's why I had to make sure and drag my wife into it. I knew if it was going to suck my life away, I'd better have some company to go along with it.

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