Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinner at the Table

Last night was our first attempt at having dinner at the table.  I'd worked for about 30 minutes to get the table cleaned off, put the table cloth back on, and rigged the stand up high chair and Little Blue's old strap-on high chair.  Once I got everything assembled, it looked good to me.  We'd have the two girls on one side with the parental unit in the middle, the other parental unit in the middle, and Little Blue on his own side.

I made and easy Mac and Cheese dinner with hot dogs, nothing fancy, but eatable by all.

Turns out Pink had to work late to make sure her timesheet was going to come out right, so I had to wolf down a bowl and she was left with the great table experiment.

Turns out the girls liked it better than Little Blue did.  Apparently he had a tantrum because he wanted a spoon rather than a fork, and it got so bad he told himself he wasn't going to get a piece of candy from his candy jar.  The girls enjoyed the change of environment, ate well, and finished despite Little Blue's shining example of good behavior.

I listened to Pink's play by play, and based on my experience, I agreed with her.  It's hard being inbetween the two ladies.  You're pivoting 180 degrees constantly, putting your ambidextrous skills to the test.  Secondly, while the high chair does the job, the child inside of it is a little low, leans back a little too much, and it's difficult to get them in and out.

So this evening after festivities at work, I'm off to pick up another toddler chair to strap to a dining room chair.  The little one will be at the right height, and it'll be portable so that when we go out, we can pull them off the chairs and take them with us in case wherever we're going doesn't have child friendly seats.  I'm also going to shift the seating a bit to prevent the pivoting, and this might help the girls learn from each other so they'll be able to see what each of them is doing.

Still, it's damn nice to have the entire family at the table.


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Congrats on getting everyone to the table! Our kids are antiqueing (sp?) our kitchen table with their silverware:) Just wait till one pushes back from the table so hard that the chair goes over... they learn not to do that pretty quickly:)

Have fun,


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