Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pink and I Got Medals Today

(after writing this, I came back up to the top to tell you to get something to drink, this is a long one because I babble...a LOT.)

So, Pink was at home with the kids yesterday while I participated in Staff Day. She had a conversation with the bus driver about today. Little Blue had a field trip coming today, so Pink and the bus driver said they'd be by to pick him up in the morning. They couldn't say when they'd be able to pick him up, but to have him ready between 7:50 and 8:20am.

No problem. We're up between 6:30 and 7 anyway, so he and I would be fed and I'd feed the girls after he was off to school.

So we're up and he's pumped about school and ready to go. Looks like it might be rain, so he's got his fireman rain jacket on and backpack is ready. I know they'd be out and about at the Louisburg Cider Mill, so staying dry would be a priority.

7:50 rolls around and we decide to wait outside, and I periodically check to hear any stirrings from the baby monitor. I'm in my super sexy sweats, pull over hoodie and crocs. We see a short bus come, but it wasn't for my dude, so the driver went on.

I check the clock and it gets to be 8:10 or so. I dash inside to grab the cordless phone in case I get a call from the bus or school. I watch the neighbor walk her kid to school, then we come back and chat some.


8:30 and Little Blue's teacher, Miss R calls. "Is Little Blue coming on the trip?"

"Yes, but we've been waiting on the bus."

"I was told the bus service wasn't running this morning."

"My wife talked to them yesterday and they said they were."

"You might want to give them a call."

"Miss R, what time do you leave?"


"All right, it'll take too long to call them, Little Blue and I will scoot up to the school. See you in a few."

My head starts flying a mile a minute. 1 preschooler, 2 infants, in carriers, into a van without bases, and the school is a mile away.

"All right dude," I tell my son, "inside real quick while we strap the girls in."

"Where's the bus?"

"I'm the bus."


We keep the carriers by the front door, stacked up, so I hauled them both to the couch. The girls were fussing at this point, but boy did they perk up when I came into the room. I grabbed Teal because she was more red faced than her sister and we flew down the stairs to get her buckled in. No time for diaper changes. I had 15 minutes and the clock was ticking, I'd wash the carrier pads if I had too. I then realized I'd put her in the wrong car seat.

A four letter word followed by a two letter word went off in my head, I won't tell you what it was, but you could probably guess.

I flew back upstairs, grabbed Purple and put her into Teal's seat. The dude was already giving a toy to each girl (as is our custom when we go out).

"Now what Daddy?"

I didn't have my wallet, all I had was my keys and the cordless phone, but there wasn't time to retrieve it. "Out to the car man, out to the car. Follow me!"

I grabbed on of the girls and the three of us headed out to the van. I unlocked it, got the dude in the back so he could struggle with his seat belt while I tightened the seat belt on the carrier. I'd done this once or twice before, and I got that sucker in that seat like a vice.

Little Blue was struggling with his seat belt, which was still fine, so I dashed inside and got sister and locked her down tight as well. By this time the Man finally asked for some help, so I got him locked down in the chair with his seat belt and I put my sexy self (sweatpants and crocks and all) into the drivers' seat and we were off.

"Daddy, why didn't the bus come for me? Did it forget?"

"Doesn't matter buddy, there isn't anything we can do about it now. Let's just get you to school so you can go to the Cider Mill."


Time from phone call to getting everyone in the van: 4 minutes.
Time from home to school: 2 minutes

We pulled right up behind the bus. I got out and got the dude out, then we waited next to the van. I wasn't about to walk him into school and leave the girls in the car, and I wasn't about about to get them out of the car when the army of kids would be coming out. We waited about 2 minutes, then a teachers aide came off the bus and walked Little Blue into school.

"Nice drivin' Dad!"

Both girls were happy once they were out of the cribs, they didn't mind the late breakfast, and I had diapers changed within minutes of coming back home. All my kids were troopers this morning.

In the end, the three of us went to go pick him up from school. I got to catch up with some of the Preschool Moms, we jibberjabbed quite a bit before the girls were born last year, and they'd even made me some burp clothes (which are still my favorites!) and show off my daughters.

We survived, and once I got online later this afternoon, Pink earned her medal. I told her with all the craziness this morning, I didn't have anything thawing for dinner. She IM'd me instructions for the crock pot and I did as I was told and we had dinner ready just as she walked in the door.

I saved the field trip, she saved dinner, and we can both laugh about it.

Onward to more adventures.

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