Thursday, October 2, 2008

Of Stargazing and Police Cars

Stargazer's Alphabet - Night-sky Wonders from A to Z

Little Blue and I just read this for the second time through. It's a little above his concept of space and time, but we still enjoyed it. It's got the usual in A to Z books (B is for the Big Dipper), but also goes into some of the details of the constellations, galaxies, and planets. We went for the alphabet only approach, and picked and chose what more he wanted to read on by the pictures. The constellations were hard to grasp though, light pollution in the city does have it's disadvantages.

We enjoyed it, and I let him into the librarian's secret when he was getting frustraited trying to come up with the right letter. "Bub...listen...I say my alphebet to myself all the time at work when I'm shelving books."


"Yup, every time you can't think of the right letter, sing it till you get to the one we're looking at."

"That's a great idea daddy!"

Mighty Machines - Police Cars

This was a nice quick book for Little Blue and I to enjoy. He knew most of the information because he's a curious little tot, but he enjoyed seeing the pictures and the police officers. Because he asks about driving and other cars, he knew about tickets and going too fast, and seeing police cars leading a parade, but I had fun telling him about radar and two way radios.

Course, I think he enjoyed it more because he had a couple police hotwheels in his hands too.

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