Friday, October 3, 2008

How to Drive My Wife Insane

Fact: DaddyMan is a musician.

Fact: DaddyMan was in the drumline.

Fact: DaddyMan has drumline cadences on his MP3 player.

Fact: Phrases such as oomgakbombigidigacklaktakphomigidamac makes perfect sense to DaddyMan.

Fact: DaddyMan taps on everything once higher brain function start to cease. Commercials, cooking shows where I'm doing more watching that eating, waiting for mac n cheese noodles to boil...all fall victim to the tapping.

Fact: The tapping occasionally gets Teal and Purple to stop fussing. This pleases DaddyMan.

Fact: DaddyMan often taps on his chest.

Fact: When shown the webpage, Pink said, and I quote, "Have you lost all will to live?!"

Warning, the video does have some violent stuffed teddybear action. If you love your teddybears, you may not want to watch this.

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