Monday, October 20, 2008

Of Coffee

Anyone who empties the dishwasher, runs the vaccum, gets a load of laundry started and attacks the kitchen counters like I do before 7am like do needs a jump start in the morning.

Coffee is a good thing, with a ton of cream and sweeter in it (I have an ongoing joke that my coffee is more warm milk with sugar by the time I'm done with it).

So here's a couple tips on improving the drop coffee maker, and an awesome diagram to boot.
The Caffeine Curve

But most hotel room coffee machines brew too long. What to do? Take the pot (or glass carafe) off the burner before the brewing cycle finishes. You obviously need to have a spare mug to put in place of the carafe while emptying it, or else coffee will splash out everywhere. Better to have a cup of coffee that's decent but only two-thirds full than a full cup with a harsh taste. And don't worry: A simple mug or cup can catch any excess coffee and prevent any splashing.

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