Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Out There, I Know It

They don't say anything, but I can tell some people think it.

Then it goes a little too far.
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At-Home Dad banned from mom's playgroup due to the "security of our children"
When it came time to show up at his first event he got an email from the moderator that more then half of the group voted to ban him from the group. In a quote to Surrey Now  the email went on to state:  "I hate to discriminate, but hope you can understand when it comes to the security of our children and especially since you have not been able to attend a meetup."  In the meantime Rick is now part of the At-Home Dad Network to help him find another playgroup that will accept him. Also the Surrey Now has started an online poll on the front page with the question: Do you think a Cloverdale mothers group was out of line when it rejected a Surrey father just because he was a man? So far the votes have been overwhelming in favor of Dad 80% to 20%.
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