Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of Grocery Cart Seats (and Math)

Actually chat transcript between Pink and I, slightly edited to keep it PG-13 for language:

Pink: hey babe

Blue: Sup sweets?

Pink: wuz just readin yer blog. didja know lilypie makes age trackers for twins? so it could have two lil faces on it?

Blue: lol

Blue: I remember looking at them and didn't like tem.

Blue: them even

Pink: O I C

Pink: you're too picky

Blue: I might change it once it becomes their birthday.

Blue: Yes.

Blue: I married you didn't. I'm a patient little brat.

Pink: so I looked at the cushiony shopping cart thingies today. they are $40 each.

Blue: crap.

Pink: yeah.

Blue: that's a lot, but it's a one time purchase that'll last a while.

Blue: But Little Blue didn't die either.

Pink: yeah. I don't know. The carts are freakin me out. but it seems like a lot of effort to get the thing on there before you can ever sit them in it and strap them in. Maybe we should just bring clorox wipes in the car and grab one or two before we head in to the store.

Blue: Why do they freak you out now and not with Little Blue?

Pink: because I didn't think about it back then, how people sneeze and cough and touch food or diapers or trash and then walk in and grab a cart.

Pink: or about how diapers so frequently leak, especially cheap ones, and then your kid is sitting in the residue of some other kids urine

Pink: and how everything a baby touches with her hands will wind up in her mouth because they suck their fingers and thumbs.

Pink: It didn't occur to me what exactly he'd be touching and then putting his fingers into his mouth

Blue: fair enough.

Pink: I just knew I wouldn't actually let him put his mouth on it, and thought that was good enough. but his hands touch it, and that's what I didnt' consider

Blue: You're not supposed to place anything on the clorox wipes immediatly though, the label says it has to sit damp for 10 minutes to air dry to be effective.

Blue: So I'd shoot for the cart thingies

Blue: (reads labels while meditating)

Pink: I'm not looking for 99.9% germ annihilation. I just want any residues wiped off.

Pink: even a regular wet wipe would be better than nothing

Blue: Will baby wipes work then?

Blue: lemme see, if we'd have to buy two, that's 80 bucks. Each wipe is 2 cents. that's 50 per dollar, so we'd have to use 4,000 of them to offset the cost.

Pink: they certainly stink less than Clorox wipes.

Blue: lol

Blue: amen to that

Pink: If we use two wipes per cart every time we go shopping, one for the seat and one for the handle bars, and we'll mostly use 2 carts, and we mostly shop at no more than 3 stores per weekend, that's twelve wipes per week. They would last six years before costing the same as the plushy things

Blue: Math rules.

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