Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Be Careful With The Pelvic Thrusts

Little Blue has a new pastime, coined "Basement Time." When the girls are down for their nap, us parental units will accompany him down to the basement where there's more room to move around and play in.

On occasion, Pink or I will play some games on the computer while LB enjoys his Little People town and train set, or towing his cars around the room. There's been a time or two he and I sat down and made a race track for the hot wheels to cruise on.

But on occasion, Pink or I need to get some boring work done. Paying bills, checking email, watching a funny (but safe for kids!) you tube video.

For the last couple weeks, I had to work on some handouts for a class I taught tonight on Word and Excel 07. Needless to say, a whole bunch of clicking and typing isn't exciting, so Pink and I have gotten into the habit of turning on our MP3 player to help keep the room hopping.

Little Blue loves it, and loves music in general. He's starting to sing along in the car, and once, even told Pink "don't stop singing Mommy, you've got a pretty voice."

(When some guys sing, a fairy looses their wings...when I sing...elephants die. Blue does not sing.)

Putting on some really rocking music gets him all worked up and tired out for bed time, and...of course...Pink and I get up and slow dance around a room of toys to the song we danced too at our wedding, Extreme's More Than Words.

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I've found that turning on music and having a dance party is excellent for both of us. We both get some exercise, he becomes better with coordination and learns new ways to stretch and move, and I can work in a bunch of leg-lifts and whatnot. As we're dancing, I point out different parts of the song (e.g., "Okay, the drums are coming in now!"), play air guitar with him, pick him up and twirl him around, that kind of thing. He incorporates his stuffed animals into the dancing, copies my moves, comes up with his own--heck, sometimes he just runs around the couch in circles. He's good for 4-5 songs, sometimes more; so you get 20-30 minutes' worth of workout.
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