Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Still an Office Geek

Edh, a former cube mate of my (back from the good ol' training days), sent me this link about Moleskine's Memo Pocket Accordion File. Instantly I drooled, then simmered down into reality that as much as I want it, I don't need it.

I keep my Hipster PDA on my person most of the time. For the curious, it's basically a stack of 10-20 notecards (remember those, from the dreaded speech class?) that's kept together with a gator clip. Grab a pen and you've got an instant PDA. Browse the web and people have all sorts of templates and ideas for you to hack your own memory saver.

Need a calendar? I usually care a moleskine calendar around, though I admit I'm slacking on that lately. I even integrated the two for a little bit (gatorclip against the cover with some notecards stashed in), but didn't have an easy place to put the more stiff moleskine and accidentally left it at work a time or two.

The hPDA has been helping around the house quite a bit. Since I'm at home till 5:30pm Monday through Wednesday, I snagged some cookbooks from the 'brary and have been writing down recapies that I can get done in 30 minutes or so with 5 or less ingredients (Sorry Rachel Ray!). I've cataloged them in according to main ingredient for easy variety. It's also reminded me to look up what spiders don't like (furnature polish), sign up for coupons at Malt-o-Meal, and jot down names of movies I need to request from the 'brary. It's excellent for capturing ideas when you know you'll forget them later.

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