Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Time for Barad-Dur has Come

Alas, to my three children, I shall become as the Dark Lord servant and build a gate to contain the army within.

Naw, actually, Pink and I have a meeting tonight and Aunt B and Cousin K are coming over to watch the chitlins, and I'm putting up the baby gates to keep the little ones off the stairs and out of the kitchen. And since the girls are boarderline crawling and already willing to hold on to our hands and stand up for several minutes at a time, it's time to put the gates up and leave them up.

For probably a year or two. *deep sigh* I'll help them "march" up the stairs for naptimes and bed times, and the kitchen will be off limits due to the trash cans and all harmful things kitchen.

Then I won't have to put tape over the trashcan. Not that it's a bad idea, but we've got a walk through kitchen, so we put the swinging gates up so we don't have to mess with babyproofing everything under in the kitchen.

Kudos to Pink for the LOTR terminology. I knew the Black Gates had a name, but she messaged me back so fast with the name it was unbelievable.
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Our little munchkin, starting at about 9 or 10 months, began to scoot around furniture and the like, pulling herself up to a standing position. The garbage can posed too great a temptation, and soon she was digging around in old cans, pieces of paper and other miscellanea. A small piece of electrical tape works wonders; easy access for parents, and effective childproofing (so far - she's almost a year now).
Babyproof a trash can with tape
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