Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sterotypes Dictate I Shouldn't Like This

But considering I cross stitch on occasion to relax, I like the nine hole buttons that'll allow you to put stuff on kid's clothing. I'd shy away from names though for safety though.

Or just to create a button alphabet to play with. Pocketsized and fun.
clipped from www.babygadget.net

ABC buttons


A nine-hole button: it's a simple idea, which allows you to configure your stitches cunningly, and spell out any letter of the alphabet. How about your child's name on a cardi or coat, or simply a line of buttons on a hat or hem, spelling out the message of your choice... Ok, there's a slight air of accessorised-to-the-edge-of-madness about it, but I can still see the appeal. Now when will they bring them out in brighter colours?

ABC buttons, via Charles and Maire.

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