Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totebag Bed Pocket

Sure, you could use this for books or your glasses if you need some extra storage in the bedroom, but why not give it real purpose?

I say use it for extra paci's to end the middle of the night "where did you put it now?!" frustraitions, and perhaps an army of burp cloths.

Or raw coffee beans?

I'm beyond those days now, but that doesn't mean this isn't a nifty idea, but beware of cool things to hid more clutter.
clipped from lifehacker.com

Turn a Totebag into a Bed Pocket

2008-06-18_095905.jpg Rather than sending it off to the textile factory in the sky, DIY blogger Neale McDavitt-Van Fleet repurposed a cloth grocery tote into something he could use. With a little ingenuity, a single cut, and some stitching, you can transform a tote bag into a bed side pocket for holding books, reading glasses, and other assorted necessities that would normally clutter up a bedside table.

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