Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Motion Blur Got You Down?

Could be the kids could be moving as fast as a ninja, or you just need to tuck in your elbows a bit to keep it steady.

As any parent, we've got a bazillion of pictures, but this tip might just help me take better ones rather than going back and erasing the blurry ones.
clipped from lifehacker.com

Keep Your Elbows In to Reduce Camera Shake

As often as possible pull your elbows in to your body and exhale completely before depressing the shutter. When you're working with a wide aperture or low shutter speed (or both), even a breath can introduce shake. Pulling your elbows tight to your body can really help keep you steady. I also press my elbows firmly into my chest for even greater stability.

Hit the link below for more tips and illustrated poses that reduce camera shakiness, and check out a cheap DIY string stabilizer as another option. Got your own camera-steadying tip or technique? Let's her about it in the comments.

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