Thursday, July 10, 2008

The morning so far...

3 loads of laundry. One folded and put away, one in the dryer ready to be folded, a third to be tossed in the dryer.

6 diapers changed, two 8 oz bottles down the tube.

Reorganized a bit of the fridge. Took care of the moldy containers, and moved the cans of coke so they sit on a shorter shelf so the taller stuff doesn't get bounced around to different shelves.

Changed a crib sheet. I hate, hate, hate bumpers on cribs. I can't wait till they disappear. It's either cuss under your breath to pull the mattress out by force, or cuss to untie a portion of the bumper so you don't cuss as much.

Cleaned up the changing table and switched out the cover to the pad.

Dishes put away, then chose to ran the dishwasher quickly to take care of the nucky containers mentioned above.

Enjoyed Sesame Street with the kids. Good to see my buddy finally get a ton of cookies after finding 3 words that started with P, but was a little disturbed to see Rachel Ray on there. When my son knows to say YUMMO, you know she's gone a little too far.

2 girls down for the nap.

Now the Dude and I are watching something on PBS for kids called Tall World and we're learning about the migration of birds.

Caught up on some blogs. :)

Oh, and messaged my immortal beloved about going to the toy store tomorrow (yay!) ands setting up chore wards for chores and rewards. That'll take a little pow wow between the parental units to get that all ironed out though.

Off to finish some more blogs, then off to fold some laundry. :)

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