Friday, July 11, 2008

The Family That Games Together

The Family and I tend to do our fair share of gaming. Last weekend we beat the heat around the fourth by playing some Okami together (Little Blue has a nack for spotting places to dig and treasure chests) while we all learned about some Japanese Mythology.

We also pop in Wii Sports for some Golf, Bowling and Tennis. If we want a laugh, we'll slap on the Nunchuck and laugh at each other while we box. Both Pink and Little Blue go crazy over the Golf though. I think Pink has a better score than I do for 9 holes and the training games.

So this looks like it might be a purchase in the near future. I'm a sucker for miniature golf, and no doubt we'd all enjoy it.
We don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love ... mini-golf. It's slow, methodical and sometimes frustrating, but a gamer isn't a gamer until they enjoy a fun-filled round on those crazy putting courses. Real golfers are excused.
Naturally, this is why Data Design Interactive decided to go with Crazy Mini Golf as the title for their upcoming putting challenge. The press release is clearly targeting the whole "kidz" segment (golf is too violent for the tots, they need GTA), but it seems to be a pretty full-featured game. You'll be waggling your Wiimote with two control options, 74 "crazy" holes, four courses and multiple gameplay modes.
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