Monday, July 28, 2008

Crib Quilts Update

Commenter Pam left me several suggestions for using the crib quilts, and numero uno on the list that will be used is going to be used when convert their beds to toddler beds. Little Blue used his Pooh comforter forever once we got him a toddler bed, so as long as I stick to my guns and not buy them new bed sheets (everyone tells me they'll have me wrapped around their fingers, but I doubt it).

Pam also suggested hanging them on the wall, but I'm not to savvy on hanging stuff for hanging sake. As it is, their room is usually only used for sleeping, any play time or tummy time we have is done in the living room. Feedings, diaper changing, clothes changing, all done at the changing table in the living room.

Since they're sleeping nearly 10-11 hours a night, we haven't had a need to rock them to sleep in their room. Besides, they usually don't wake each other up fussing, but on the rare occasions (I can count them on one hand), I usually get up and stay with them overnight in the living room.

Sad but true though, they're still folded up in the living room. *chuckle* I'm doing the girls' laundry once a load of mine is done in the washer, so I'll have them put back up into their rooms, safe and secure until it's time to get out the toddler beds. :)

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