Friday, July 25, 2008

9 Month Bill o' Health Right on Track!

Weight - 17 lbs, 6oz
Height - 27 in
Head - 17 in

Weight: 17 lbs, 13oz
Height - 27.25 in
Head - 17.75 in

In the next three months, we can look forward to:

  • Don't compare babies ( I chuckle when they put those on the forms)
  • Baby should sit alone for a couple seconds unsupported (already accomplished)
  • Baby should transfer a item from one hand to another (check!)
  • Should bear weight momentarily with feet (check!)
  • Eyes should follow an object (they already watch Little Blue run circles around the house, I suppose he counts)
  • Should self feed a cracker (haven't attempted yet)
  • Should be able to go from sitting to lying down ( Since they don't crash down after sitting, I suppose that counts)
  • Should stand, holding on to solid objects (not even close, but I'll bet they'll be crawling around the house here in the next 2 weeks or so)
  • Should be babbling (like all babies) and say Dada and Mama
  • By 11 months understand "no" (they already do, Daddy's glasses are off limits) and "Come Here"
The appointment went very well, both girls got their polio shot and a finger stick to check for anemia. No tears at all. Moments of shock, but no tears.

The right home had a 20 minute delay due to traffic, and Little Blue was more upset than I was about it. He had a pudding cup waiting for him. After I explained that I wanted it to take as long as necessary because I knew if I was in an accident I'd want people to stay safe and let the emergency people come help me, he simmered down a bit.

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Oh, I can't even tell my 17-year old son about not wanting to have an accident. He freaks!

He's just now studying for the Learner's Permit test...

go slow, go very, very slow!

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