Friday, June 20, 2008

If It's Broken, Fix It. With New Pictures

We've got this nifty couch where the middle comes down for a little table. Somehow, I'm going to say through normal wear and tear, one side of it has disconnected from it's support and now leans downhill.

Little Blue laughed at me while I was switching side to side trying to figure out how it works, but alas, there isn't enough room to see what's going on, and since I don't think I can fix it anyway, I did what any normal guy would do.

I destroyed it trying to figure it out.

Just kidding. I'm not crazy! I've got 8 month old girls upstairs and I had at most a 2 hour window to get it fixed.

I just left it alone. But since I couldn't fix it, I hopped on the computer to upload some pictures into Flickr and put a badge over on the right so everyone can absorb come cuteness. Here's what I've uploaded in the past couple days:

Little Blue's 4th Birthday
Maggie and Molly at 2 Months
Purple and Teal at 5 Months

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