Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I submitted the Hotwheels thing to Parenthacks.com last week, and the autogen email reply indicated a long queue of hacks waiting to be posted, and it'll be a while before it gets posted. No big deal.

I think I submitted on Wednesday, then on Thursday, it started going crazy. I had plenty of time to watch, I remember doing the dishes, three loads of laundry, and started removing the bassinets from the girls' room to give us more maneuvering room with both the cribs in there.

It feels sort of odd to have about 20 people to pay me a visit, then have stats boom like it did. I usually do the stats just for curiosity, but it goes to show how one link can make a big difference.

Unique Visitors334177115322035451
First Time Visitors323170106291833147
Returning Visitors0117932233

When I told my wife the first time, I did my best valley girl impression. "OMG! I'm, like, SO popular now."

All right, back to it. Little Blue just knocked over an alphabet puzzle, let the playful education begin again!

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