Monday, June 9, 2008

Company Picnic

This weekend was my wife's company picnic. She works for a pretty awesome construction company, and the entertainment at the picnic was just as awesome.

They had a moon walk with Spider-Man guarding the front door (Little Blue nearly freaked out). They also had a huge obsticle course moon walk think too, which was right on par for the older kids. Also looked like they bought some soccer balls, footballs, and a large assortment of water guns.

The food was catered by two guys and a grill, and while the brauts don't have too much zip to them the burgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken breast was good.

The company president offered up some gifts via raffle, then handed out some thank yous afterwards. Little Blue wore him out silly with Spider-Man, but not enough to enjoy some ice cream off the ice cream truck the president had stop by.

Little Blue enjoyed a frozen Ninja Turtle, and proceeded to enjoy it and have it melt all over his face and the concrete. I had to reinforce the "lean over" and "try not to get any on you" techniques, but why try to eliminate the inevitable? We used about 10 wipes to get him car worthy on the way home. I'm hoping by this time next year the green ninja turtle spots will have disappeared from the concrete.
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