Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Schooools Out. For. Summer.

*band geek chuckles because he still remembers the marching bass drum music to good ol' Alice Cooper*

Little Blue's last day of preschool was today. We started off the day with a full armory of clean clothes for him to pick from so he could wear whatever he liked. Only rules from DaddyMan just stated he had to wear jeans or jean shorts.

Spider-Man ruled the day, complete with his Spider-Man tennis shoes.

He bounced off in good spirit, and Pink and I chatted online on what time she should come home for lunch. She usually comes home once a week or so.

She went out to pick him up from the bus and I had pancakes cooking on the stove. Not a healthy lunch for sure, but it's not every day you finish your first year of preschool. (Due to his birthday being in December, Little Blue gets to go back to preschool in the fall.)

We're hanging with the Blue Man Group now before an afternoon nap. Purple's rocking away in here chair and Little Blue and I are talking turns making Teal squeal with happiness.

Between the times she blows us raspberries.

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Cool! Congrats, little Blue!

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