Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movable Storeage

The Unclutter praises storage that can me moved around, and I agree. Our house is limited when it came to cabinet space, so we took over the closet that was right next to the bathroom and put in some shelves that you see in the picture I m pretty sure it s a different brand though .

So rather than having a coat closet, we ve got a pantry that gives us plenty of room to stock up on Costco addictions Have I mentioned the fact that my wife cannot cook spaghetti for 3, so we get to enjoy awesome leftovers for several days afterwards? . The bonus is the shelving can be moved up and down as needed, and can be disassembled in a hurry.

I ll admit, I don t have the fancy boxes, but I do use the carboard bottoms of a 32 pack of diet coke to deal with the wire shelving Cans of soup, veggies, and fruit don t sit on there too well :
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We decided to use InterMETRO Shelving because it can be disassembled and reused in another area of our home when we create built-in storage in the bathroom. Additionally, we can reconfigure the set-up of the system as our needs change — add more shelves, swap out the shelves, make it taller, etc.

(As a side note, if you’re trying to decide on tile colors for your bathroom floor, do not go with white. Every stray cat and human hair screams “LOOK AT ME,” which means that we are constantly cleaning the floor. A nice light gray would look just as nice and not require daily sweeping.)

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