Friday, May 2, 2008

Nah, I'd Rather Torment Him

Little Blue caught me twice with old faithful. Rather than make it overly complicated (though just as effective!), I did one of two things to ensure I wasn't caught unawares again.

#1. Uncover and blow air down towards Mr. Happy. The cold air usually kicks starts the geyser, so just put the diaper back over and count your blessings.

#2. Forget the warm wet wipes, we just kept the at the edge of the table. Ambient air plus cleansing moisture equals a little chilly for the dude, and just placing it on top was almost sure fire.

If those didn't work, we just did the pit stop as fast as we could and we got back into the race of having fun.
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Hacker Daddy Dave offers a homemade alternative to the Pee Pee Teepee:

When he was younger, my son loved peeing straight up into the air when I had him undressed on the changing table. Fun for him, not for me. So, I stuffed a paper Dixie cup with tissue and set next to the changing table. The next time he pulled his "Old Faithful" routine, I simply inverted the cup over the stream to catch it. From there, I could toss it directly into the trash. Works like a charm!

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