Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's The 411

Sure Google has their own service, but during business hours, I'd rather call my co-workers at the Johnson County Library at the telephone reference. It's an actual person, little to no wait time, and they're librarians, they know where everything is or how to find out where it's at.

Johnson County Library's Telephone Reference: (913) 495-9100

Check out your local library and see if they've got a similar service if your not in the Kansas City Metro.

But, after closing time (librarians sleep too!), I might give Goog-411 a shot. The comments from Lifehacker's post below give hit or miss results, but I'm willing to exercise a little patience to save a buck or two.
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GOOG-411 Graduates Labs, Saves Time and Money

Previously mentioned GOOG-411, Google's free telephone directory assistance tool, has graduated from Google Labs and gotten a whole new web site. This doesn't mean much except that Google's serious about supporting GOOG-411, so the accurate, lightning-fast voice-recognition directory assistance is here to stay. For a lot of us, the cost of an expensive cell phone data plan supersedes the convenience of internet access on your phone, and—likewise—the cost of a call to your traditional 411 service is an expense no one wants to incur. As you can see from the video, the free GOOG-411 is a simple, free way to get on-the-go information from the comfort of your phone for only the cost of a call.
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