Friday, April 25, 2008

Free DVDs

Yeah, I know, I work in a library, and most of you who have to put up with me at work know this, but the library is Pimp when it comes to saving some cash.

By using the library in combination with a DVD release gadget, my request list is constantly pushing the limit and I've got a DVD or two coming in every week.

TV shows? Up, library has that too. Granted, I'm watching the Sopranos and Oz while Little Blue is at preschool and it's just me and the girls, but it's all there, for the taking.

Fines? 15 cents per item, per day overdue. If you haven't all ready, take advantage of your local library, they'll love you for it.
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DVDs Freer than Free--No, Really, Really Free

Here's the secret. I use the library. I know that's not really a secret. It was even mentioned in the comments to Paul's post, but then quickly dismissed and/or ignored. I think the idea deserves to be revisited. See, most people assumed that you can't get the videos you want at the library, especially new releases. But I've been getting just about any DVD I could ask for from the library using the computerized request system. I combine this with my reading wish list, enter my requests, and a few days later, I get an email saying my DVDs are waiting for me. I even put in electronic requests for materials that are not on loan, because I am too darn lazy to go to the shelf and look them up alphabetically. I just walk up to the hold shelf, grab the materials with my name on it, zap them through the self checkout, and walk out without paying a dime.

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