Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DaddyMan at the DMV

Finally, after about two month, both vans were out of the shop and I was able to roam free around town with the girls. Yesterday I had the esteemed honor of visiting some distant co-workers at the DMV.

I do my usual thing, park towards the back of the lot so I've got empty spaces to move the limo stroller around the car to get the girls loaded up and we head into the DMV.

On our way in, we walk in just ahead of Concerned Mother. Most of us know Concerned Mother, she's the one we meet in public and gives advice so matter of fact you imagine what her head looks like rolling across the floor.

"You know...that's a bad idea."

I press the button to get my ticket, signifying my place in line. "I'm sorry?"

"Bringing your kids in here."

"Why is that?"

"Well, you're going to be in here for a while, and they're babies!"

*visions of her head rolling across the floor* "Thanks, but I'm sure we'll be all right.

What she doesn't know is that the girls were just fed, sleepy, and I live less than 2 minutes away from the DMV. If I had too, I could entertain my twin girls for four hours if I had too.

One hour later, after a slight nightmare outburst from Purple (pink and I joke they have bad dreams when they cry in their sleep, like Daddy fixing a a bottle and not giving it to them), we were called up, had a good chat with the DMV, paid money for two ugly stickers, and headed out the door.

But, since I couldn't just leave without saying anything, and Concerned Mother was close to the exit, I just had too.

"Ma'am," I say, with a heavy emphasis indicating age, "we had a nice time in here today, I hope you enjoy the rest of the day."

Kill, kill with kindness, and having two innocent chitlens with my adventures make them so much more enjoyable.

I will say that I appreciate everyone else who was at the DMV with me yesterday, not a single person other than Concerned Mother gave me the status quo runaround with baby talk. The girls slept, and I relaxed.

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