Thursday, April 3, 2008

Edh is Uncluttering Diaper Bags

This one comes from Edh and our shared addiction of uncluttering. She sent over a link that turns a CD wallet into a diaper bag on the go.

Quick Change Diaper Wallet

Not a bad idea, but when you need to carry double the supplies, it gets cramped in a hurry. Pink and I have a backpack from Lands' End that's an awesome diaper bag (and, I'll admit, I prefer it to some winnie the pooh cutsie diaper bag). My cousin got it for us when Little Blue was born, and it since it's a backpack, I've got both hands free for effective toddler wrangling. :) It's got the diaper pad in there for the nucky diaper changing tables in public, and being a backpack, it's got plenty of room for a couple outfits, bottles on the side, and everything baby.

And to snure it's well stocked, we only dive into it when we're running low on supplies at home, and it gets fresh bottles and formula powder on every trip.

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