Monday, March 31, 2008

Nose Bulbs

As Pink and I hear of another infant passing on, there's one piece of sage advice that we can offer anyone with newborns, that is to have a nose bulb handy for every place the baby will be. The nurses warned us at Shawnee Mission Medical Center that twins are prone to choking, but all babies get a build up of drool and mucus on occasion.

Pink and I have them in their bassinets in their room, at the changing table, and in the diaper bag. And when they're in the bag, we make sure it's on top.

'Cause when they choke, if you don't have it, the best you can do is turn them over and pat them on the back. Can't force air in if you can't clear the airway, and their teeny tiny, your adult finger can't get in anywhere to clear the airway.

Yes, nose bulbs get nasty because you can't clean the inside well, and those ones with the screw on back are worthless. Use them for a while, pitch them and get more.

And while you're there in the hospital for your visit, ask the nurse for a brief CPR overview, they'll hook you up, no charge.

And guys, suck up and kiss the frikken doll during practice. Chuckle about it to ooze the machoness out of you, because you never know when you'll have to do it for real.

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While on the subject of nose bulbs, let me plug the Nosfrida, which is like a nose bulb on steroids.

Mrs. Bookpusher and I always have one in the diaper bag for that snotty infant on the go.

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