Monday, April 28, 2008

Cord Monster and Tangle Beast Don't Mix

I think the biggest part of of getting the surround sound system in the house was running the wires under the floor. Thankfully we have a drop ceiling in the basement and pre drilled holes, so that wasn't too bad.

Involving Little Blue in getting everything hooked up was frustrating through, poor guy wanted to help and I needed to keep the cables straight. Since it was a hands off experience for him, a lot of other things is a hands on experience.

The dude can turn on/off the DVD Player, the Wii, the TV, and can gently adjust the volume on the stereo. I have a hard time telling him "no" to things that we use all the time. As long as he treats "Mom and Dads" toys the same we treats his toys, and we all end up doing okay.

Granted, he gets a little over excited when he plays the Wii and has whacked himself in the head during some tennis and baseball (which is hard not to laugh at).
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Kid-Proof Your Home Theater

But something you may not have considered is the sort of havoc your toddler is capable of wreaking on your new shrine to hi-fidelity entertainment. This guide will help you make that expensive tower of gear in your home theater resistant to the cruelly destructive impulses of small children. It's been proven time and again that "kid proof" is an urban myth, but we're aiming to get as close as possible to that ideal.

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